Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ah baby, baby, baby...

Abigail loves playing with Aidan's things, I guess she is testing them out for him for when he arrives to make sure there safe for him. We got a car seat for him and Abigail has been putting her dolls in it and also trying to lug it around the house. Today though she opted for trying it out herself. She was able to squeeze herself into the car seat and cover herself up.

The other day, she got to practice being a big sister to Luke. Here she is rocking him to sleep. She got him to sleep for less then 10 minutes then decides to bring her loudest toy she has to give to him while he was napping. To say the least, the nap didn't last long. So now I know when baby is asleep, must move baby away from Abigail. But she has a fun time playing sister, she was helpful in watching him, playing with him, bring his blanket and getting his bottle for me. Of course she did try to help herself to his snacks out of his hand. I am sure though she is going to be great sister and love her new brother who will be here in less then 3 months!!

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