Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's that time of the year and I am already late...

New Year's Resolutions??? How many of you have thought about it or even made them??? I love planning, organizing, making lists, so resolutions come somewhat natural to my personality!!

So for me and my family this year, would love to have more quality family time, though not sure yet what that looks like. But I like to spend more time doing family things together, parks, events, hanging out with friends, art projects, etc...

We have house projects to complete and Ryan has been busting his butt doing them, so grateful he is so handy. The guest house will be done soon and so will Aidan's room!! Then it is just minor things or so I hope, though Ryan has lots of ideas. I guess we should prioritize projects and see what needs to be done this year and can wait till next year. But I also think we need to have a mini celebration a welcome to our new home for family and guests. So not much of a resolution, but it is something I want to do this year.

Personally, I want to continue to learn and grow in my yoga practice and share that with others. A goal of mine is to start a family and/or children's yoga class. Also continue to learn more about the word of God, continue deepening my faith, and sharing that through all that I do. Such as parenting, relating to others, working with others, and just everyday to day living. The church, bible study, and MOPS have been very helpful in growing my faith. One of the things I really want to do is start a mother's bible study group this summer in Bellville. If there are any other mothers interested in a bible study, please do let me know.

One thing that I would like to master is meditation and being able to stay present at all times. I have a tendency to be sitting and doing something, while thinking OK I need to be doing that too. This one will probably be the most difficult. I have struggled with meditation since I started yoga more then 10 years ago. But I know this would be a wonderful benefit not only for myself but for those around me, most important my family.

OH and most important is to prepare for Aidan's arrival!! Can't believe he will be here in about 3 months!!

So now that I have wrote these out for you to see, this will help me to stay focused and maybe ya'll can send me friendly reminders when I need them. I think this is something we all should do, write our goals/resolutions/wishes, whatever you want to call them, so that others will help us hold to them.

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