Saturday, January 8, 2011


We almost lost Lovey, well we did for a night. Thank goodness she still had her special blanket to comfort her. As we were putting Abigail to bed last night, we noticed no Lovey, we all looked every where and finally just had to say good night without Lovey. Abigail was ok, though she kept asking for Lovey while she was being tucked in. This morning first thing she said where's Lovey. So again I started the hunt and finally found Lovey, in the couch cushions. "Yay!!" Abigail said.
Funny thing is we actually do have two Lovey's and this is her spare, the other one's head is about to fall off, guess it is time to fix the other Lovey or buy a new one. I see Target still has them available on-line.
Makes me wonder if Aidan will have a Lovey and what his will be? I have seen other posts from other mom's about their children's Lovey. Really think it be cute to have a book of children's different Lovey's. Hmmm...maybe another project for my list.

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