Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Finally well....

Just as Abigail got over the flu she got sick again late Sunday night. So off to the doc we went and this time I wasn't wasting any time. She was diagnosed with upper respiratory infection and had a sore throat and ear ache. Oh how I hate seeing my baby girl in misery. The doc put her back on antibiotics which I was really reluctant to do, because I hate having to take medication when I believe in so much of natural healing. But Abigail has been sick and not eating well so her immunity I am sure is way down. I have now started having her take vitamins/omega's, and probiotics to help build back her immunity and to balance her system back to good healthy balance since she is taking antibiotics. Hopefully now we will all stay well! She did make a quick recovery and we are now looking forward to celebrating my baby shower this weekend to bless the soon to be arrival of Aidan.

Today Abigail toured Faith Academy where she will be attending preschool this fall. I am very excited and really like how patient, caring, and loving they are to the children. I just know that this is the right choice!

Since she is well and it is nice outside today, we enjoyed a little time outside.

Recently I got a Bible for Abigail. Here is a picture of Abigail with here new Bible. It really is a great Bible for toddlers, pictures with an easy to read story. I highly recommend it, Read With Me Bible for Toddlers.

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