Sunday, February 20, 2011


Ahh we survived the flu at our house, at least so far! I have been lucky not to get it and Ryan too and I hope it stays that way. Ab tested positive for Flu B earlier this week. When she started getting sick I started myself on some natural products/herb~ Elderberry and oscillococcinum (which my sis in law recommended, she is very knowledgeable when it comes to herbs and natural healing) and a little praying never hurts. Plus lots of hand washing after contacting Abigail, which I felt kind of bad about, but this pregnant mama doesn't want to get sick. I felt so bad for my little girl, never has she been that sick and seemed to be so miserable, it took a lot out of her for a couple days. Her fever did break finally Thursday, so Friday we were able to get back out and about. Enjoying lunch with a friend, which mama needed after being cooped up and being nurse. With Ryan working so much it gets hard for me to get rest, but when he was home Wednesday he was super dad, taking care of Abigail so I wouldn't have to be in too much contact with her and while he was taking care of her during that day, she was the worst, that was the day she decided to puke (sorry for the details), but as I say better him them me ;)
Yesterday she was back to herself, running around, eating, and playing mama to her babies (as you can see in the pic). Ryan took this cute pic of her just before bedtime.

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