Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Aidan's birth

What seemed like a long pregnancy, because of constant all day morning sickness, turned into a very fast labor and delivery! Not sure why I seem to have short labors, but I am very blessed and thankful to God! Because both times now I have been able to have natural non-drug labor/delivery, which is something I have planned for with both my pregnancy's. I try my best to eat healthy, stay active and do yoga, which I know always has helped me in many ways.
Aidan arrived at 8:17am on Monday April 4th!! Labor started at 5am on Monday morning, made a call to my husband who happened to be away due to work to get him home in time and a call to Tracye to take care of Abigail. After a few minutes of making those calls I decided to call Mona to take me to the hospital as contractions were so close that I was losing count and not able to walk. I kept on doing my yoga breath while I waited for my friends to arrive. While hoping hubby would make it to the hospital to meet us later. When I arrived at the hospital it was 7:50am. The nurse said you are dilated at a 9 and that I would be delivery baby anytime minute. I thought already no it can't be happening that fast!! Ryan wasn't there and at the time we there was no way he was going to make it, as he was in Beaumont. Nurse Nancy said we need to get everything set up and an IV in you, and make the call to the doc, but don't worry if he doesn't make it I have delivered many babies. I was still thinking it's really happening that fast!! The doc got there and says ok couple pushes and he will be out! Aidan arrived at 8:17am. 7.2 lbs and 19.6" long!! I was the talk of the hospital, they said they needed a drive through service for labor and delivery. We had an excellent short stay at Scott White in Brenham, the nurses were all wonderful, especially Nurse Nancy and also my doctor, Dr. Nobles!! Also I couldn't have done it without Mona's support!! Of course I must thank Tracye too for taking care of Abigail!! I know Ryan was so disappointed he missed being there for me and seeing his son being born. He did arrive a few hours later and is now enjoying every moment of having a son. We are so blessed and feel we have the perfect little family!! Thank you God above for watching over us!!

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