Saturday, July 30, 2011

Busy Fun!!

 We have been having a busy fun time this last week of July. I helped with Vacation Bible School, my parents visited, Salinda has been here a few days, MOPS Leaders meeting, and to top of the week some fun-time spent at the local winery with friends!! It has also been so wonderful having Ryan off on vacation for the last couple weeks!! We got to go on two date nights, without kiddos!!

As you can see Grandpa & Grandma Wobschall are having fun playing with playdo and their grandkids. Abigail was especially excited, she same ampa and amma, so cute!

This upcoming week probably won't be so much fun, but we will make it fun!! Abigail gets to go to the dentist and gets glasses. We took her in last week, to a pediatric ophthalmologist. She has strabismus, I won't explain, but you can google it. Anyhow to correct her eyes and avoid surgery she will be wearing glasses for a few years. I am praying she will wear her glasses. I know she is going to look so cute with them on!! However,  I am sure they will be cool for the first 5 minutes, just like a putting barrettes/pony-tails in her hair or wearing bracelets are, but she only wears them for 5 minutes or less. Then Aidan goes in for his 4 month check up appointment this week also. So a week visiting doctors and sitting in waiting rooms.
Abigail will be starting preschool in a couple weeks, so we will get to go school shopping, now that will be fun, I think!!? Only if we can avoid crowds of people and get good deals will it be fun!! Anyhow life is busy with two little one's so not much time to update, but there is a quick snippet of what is going on in our life.

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