Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Birthday present fun!!

Abigail got some fun new toys to play, (and I know Mikaela wishes she could be here to make cookies)!!

Today Abigail had fun playing with her art easel, only way to get her away from it was to play with the next gift, play-dough bake set! Not sure who had more fun, me or Abigail :)

Pre-Birthday Celebration for Abigail

First of all, so thankful and grateful to have my parents help while we moved and having my mother here for the whole week to help me unpack, help with kiddos, and fun exploring!! It was a fun week and I was so sad to see them go back home to Minnesota, but knowing they will be back in November is great. So this move to Kentucky does have it benefits I get to see my family more as the driving distance is shorter. Another big plus, the weather!!! We have been out walking everyday and no need to worry about heat exhaustion! Not missing the Texas heat or dried up grass, praying for coolness and rain to come your way!
My dad came back here yesterday to pick my mom up, but before they left we had a fun little Birthday party for Abigail. It was princess theme, for some reason this girl is a girly-girl and it has nothing to do with me. We had her favorite, pizza and ice cream cake for dinner! She had fun blowing out her candle and fun playing with her birthday horn's, and of course opening her presents.  

 Birthday Party!!
 Cuddle time with Grandma!
 Time with Grandpa!
 The little boy ready for bed posing with the Grandparents!
 A pro at blowing out her candle!
 Yum, Delicious!!
 Tasting as good as it looks!!
Fun playing with her birthday horn!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Best Friends!!

My best friend Jennifer, took some cute pics of our beautiful daughters!! We miss you girls!!
 Best friends hanging out!!

Summer sweeties!!

Settling in our new home!

We had a bit of journey getting here with a blown out tire which caused us a 3 hour delay! But I do have to say Benton is very nice!! Lots to do indoors and outdoors!! With the huge lake, there is plenty of lake fun, resorts, tourist shopping, golfing, horseback riding, and many places to shop at. Plus the big plus it is a lot cooler here and lots of green beautiful grass, trees, and rolling hills. Now all I am missing is my wonderful friends back in Texas! Soon I will get out after unpacking and get some pictures of our area!We are loving our new home!!

Not only did we move but also a lot of first, Aidan starting eating and Abigail started her first day of school!

First Day of School

Abigail loved her first day of school at Kid's First in Benton. When I picked her up she said more school and started naming some of her new friends. I say she is settling in nicely!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Never say good-bye...

What a week!! Full of emotions, blessings, and good-bye's, well not really good-bye's because I am hoping to visit and also cross paths with the wonderful friends I have made in Bellville again. This move though is an emotional one for me, packing and leaving a place I love so much, leaving behind friends that I love, the church that I have been involved at, my MOPS group, and mom's Bible study groups. Abigail is also leaving behind many wonder friends. I have enjoyed living in Bellville so much, favorite place I have lived, despite the hot temps, but is a place where my faith has really grown and have met the most wonderful caring people.
I am soooo not looking forward to Thursday when we do end up pulling out of our driveway one last time, as I am sure it will really hit me like a ton of bricks, right now it is a bit surreal. However, I do know that God has this journey prepared and that we will grow to love our new home too. Looking forward to seeing green, cooler temps, and maybe a little snow this winter (very little). I have already made contact with a new MOPS group, the Methodist church (where there is also a Stephen Ministry group), and Abigail will start preschool a couple days after we arrive. It is amazing to see God at work!!

Here is a day brightener, my lovely daughter singing & entertaining us all!! Aidan enjoys watching his sister!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

August here we are!!

August is here!! 
Aidan turned 4 months old on Thursday and Abigail got her glasses yesterday. Life is full of adventures right now! Plus we are getting ready to move to Kentucky. What more excitement could you ask for!!? 
So today ask me how I feel and you will get a different answer then what I wrote about the other day~JOY!! Little hard to find joy when your moving to someplace you have never been and don't know anyone there. Though I know it will be fine, it is just all the unknowns at this time, plus dealing with moving, etc...But this is where it is important to always remember where I get my strength, guidance, who protects, provides and is constantly there and I will continue to pray and ask God to continue to bless us! This is what I know, I am blessed and there is joy all around me, so that is where I put my focus. Focus on the facts!

Here are my blessings:
Aidan is perfectly healthy and growing little man. He is now 14 lbs 9 oz. and 24" long. 

Abigail is adjusting to her glasses, really going easier then I thought. 
Next month she turns three!!!

"It's about the journey--mine and yours--and the lives we can touch, the legacy we can leave, and the world we can change for the better."~Tony Dungy

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy, happy, Joy, joy with a little bit of realness!!!!

Enjoying today at home, no where to be!! 
My babies both full of smiles!!

A friend of mine posted a blog not to long ago about being real/honest, how some people never post the bad stuff only the good stuff, I so agree with her and loved what she wrote. Because I am all about honesty and my pet peeve is liars, along with people who wear socks with sandals, OK that is another subject. But having been through that where I use to blog more openly and post the good and the bad, I would get judgements from people, people assuming things, making wrong assumptions, etc...so I tend to keep with the positive stuff and really my life is full of so many positive blessed things, so I really do not have much to be negative about or complain about. So here I am going to be a little more open then I have been in a while. I have been having the time of my life!!! Seriously I am!!  Really full of joy and fun!! I live in a town that has the most wonderful people!! I have a job that is fulfilling!! Love the church I attend, the first church I have ever really felt a strong connection too. Plus I am excited about the new MOPS year!! Most important I am blessed with awesome children and wonderful hubby!! Even though things in our lives might change soon and not sure how I feel about that. I am praying and trying to be patient to see where it is the Lord wants us. To be honest I have worry and I keep having nightmares at night which make no sense. So I try to stay focused on today, and not tomorrow. Not easy to do, sometimes talking the talk is easy, but doing the talk not always easy, right!? 

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths." Proverbs 3:5-6