Sunday, November 13, 2011

Things that I am so grateful for...

I have been seeing on facebook & blogs many of my friends writing daily grateful posting and I love reading them. So I'm doing a list:
1. My daughter running and yelling mommy, mommy when I pick her up from preschool or church class!! How can you not feel extra special! Shouldn't we all be like that!!
2.  Seeing my son's eyes light up and his little smile when I walk into a room. Sure does melt my heart!! Both my children mean the world to me!!
3. My hubby thinking of me while he is not feeling well and getting medicine, buying me boots!
4. My hubby forgoing sleep to spend time with us during the day after he has worked a long trip!!
5. The beautiful fall leaves and seeing a full moon!
6. How excited my daughter gets over seeing pumpkins for the thousandth time. Another shouldn't we all be like!! 
6. Christmas lights!! My favorite time of year, driving around and looking at lights and Christmas tree's. Always feels so magical!!
7. God's Grace, that is a biggie, not so simple for us, but thankful that God makes it simple!! And yes that be another, we should all be like that!!
8. My hubby's job, it's not always easy, but I am thankful he loves what he does and does it so well!!
9. My family, my dad, mom, brother, grandparents, inlaws, aunts, uncles, etc...we all have family, and mine all mean so much to me, I thank God for all of you (even when we might not see eye to eye)!!
10. My friends, and I have to say I do have some of the most wonderful friends, some I would love to adopt as my family.
11. God's journey for me, wow, it has been amazing, not always wonderful, been some rough patches/bumps, little off-roading, maybe some 4x4 action, but I am starting to see the big picture! Some of those rough patches have been the times where my faith has really grown.
12. Yes, I think my hubby will love this, I am thankful that he moved us to Kentucky!! I love the season's, oh how I have missed fall after living in Texas! Plus closer to our family!
13. Thankful I get to see family more that we live a bit closer!!
14. MOPS
15. Yoga
16. Our good health, which should never be taken for granted!
15. and last but definitely many more, I could write all night, but this girl needs sleep, for which I am thankful for, a cozy warm home and bed to sleep in!!
I am truly blessed, thank you God!!

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