Saturday, January 28, 2012

This week's happenings :)

 This week Abigail and Aidan both did yoga together! We are doing a little each day, fun indoor activity on these cooler and rainy days that we have been having. In addition, Aidan has his first tooth coming in and is mastering rolling over, climbing on things and able to get himself back to sitting all by himself. So he is not needing my help much in getting stuck, just help in staying out of EVERYTHING! :)
 At preschool this week was Fairy Tale Days. Abigail was so excited to wear her princess dress to school. She loves dressing up and wearing the dress at home too. We sure have a girly girl :)

Also this week we started making Abigail's Valentine cards for school. They will be having a tea party and get to dress up! Here are the Valentine cards we made! I sometimes amaze myself! Anyhow there were fun and very inexpensive, but I think they turned out oh so cute!!

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