Monday, February 20, 2012

Charmed Inspirations

I am absolutely in love with Jewel Kade after getting my order and Valentine's present from hubby. Jewel Kade is designed by Janet Kinkade and all handcrafted in Alpine, UT, yes the US! It's vintage styled, yet modern inspired charms and jewelry that is very beautiful and durable. Can be worn for night out, dress up jeans and everyday clothes! I also like the photo charms, can't wait to get one with the kiddo's pic on one. There are charms and the Hope For Phyllis necklace these support the American Heart Association & Huntsman Cancer Institute. Oh and don't forget the FanClub charms to support your favorite sport teams! 
I will be hosting a trunk sale April 12, 5-7pm at my home. I am excited to share this with my family and friends. My stylists web-site is
Here are a few photos of the Jewel Kade line!


Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine Party

Abigail woke up this morning all excited to wear the dress, old time jewelry and hat for her Valentine Tea Party at school. After school she was so excited to show me all her cards from her friends! She had a super fun day! I am so glad she is having so much fun at school and is also learning lots.

This is a pic of Aidan standing up (not the best pic) but I know he will be on his way to walking soon, watch out world another toddler on the loose!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine Celebrating

We have started a little preValentine celebrating, thanks to the grandparents for sending the kiddos gifts!! A couple weeks ago we decorated our place with a few vday decorations and then made Abigail's preschools cards and vday box! I love Valentinte's maybe it is all the pink and red hearts everywhere!! Oh and I love JuJu's but haven't had any yet!
 Abigail in her Valentine tutu, she was loving it, twirling in it and couldn't wait to wear it to school!

 Aidan opening up a Valentine gift.

Abigail helping Aidan with his gift.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ten Month's Old!!!

Aidan is two months from turning ONE, yikes!! This baby stage goes by so fast! He is quickly growing and moving around! Getting into everything, and I mean everything! He is into exploring and putting everything into his mouth he can get his hands on. He is an active little guy, who doesn't like long naps. Starting to really babble. We love making him laugh, which isn't hard he finds the simplest things amusing! He is eating all different kinds of food and has not yet turned anything away. Looks like we have two kiddos who love food. He always gets compliments when we are out and about how good of a little boy he is. Again, we are blessed with two sweet behaved children, now there not always little angels! :) Aidan is a flirt, smiling at the girls! What I love the most is watching him and Abigail play together. This morning he tackled her, well not really, but he thinks it is fun to crawl on her and she does too. I know this won't last long, so enjoying every moment!


Today Abigail and I made her Valentine Mailbox for her class party coming! It was a fun project to do together and then of course we had to treat ourselves to a cupcake afterwards, it was lots of work!! :)