Thursday, March 22, 2012

Home Sweet Home

It has been a busy exhausting blessed few days. However we are finally moved into our Home!! Though still plenty to do, such as hanging pictures, decorating, and organizing. Plus need to go back and clean the our rental place. I am thankful my parents arrive today to help :) Haven't had time yet to get pictures done but soon will get those posted. Abigail and Aidan have settled right in, Abigail loves being outside!! Soon we will get the pool ready and enjoy some fun in the sun!!

Since moving in we adopted a sweet lab mix from the Marshall County Animal Shelter. She is the sweetest, calmest dog we have ever owned, we are all in love with her! Our vet came out yesterday to check her out, she is great, except for she tested positive for heartworm :( However because we love her and she is a part of our family she will be receiving treatment to get rid of them. Right now she isn't showing signs of it affecting her health but in time it would if she is left untreated. What makes me mad is when people get a dog and don't take care of them, but thankfully she ended up in our home. How she arrived her is a great little story. Last week Ryan was loading up the trailer to move some of our things and she stopped by our front yard in town and stayed for a bit, right there and then Ryan said if she didn't have a collar we take her to our new home. But she did have a collar so we thought she just got out. Well she wandered on and later was across the street when the mailman was out, Ryan was talking to the mailman when he told him that dog is so sweet and mostly lab and that a lady down the street let her go, guess she couldn't take care of her anymore. Ryan said if we see her again maybe we will take her out to our place. Well a few days later I saw her on the animal shelter's facebook page. Well we all know how the end of this story goes, she is now home sweet home with us. Right now we are teaching her boundaries so that she will hopefully eventually not have to be tied up to stay in our yard. She has a few acres of land to roam and she seems to really like it here. Her and Tigger (cat) get along fine.
Anyhow Ashely could use some prayers over the next few months the heartworm treatment is rough and she has to stay confined, no exercise or excitement. Thankfully she is calm!


  1. I really like your blog! Congrats on your new home and the new Lab!

  2. Aw. So sad that she has heartworms but lucky for her, she has an awesome family now!!!!


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