Sunday, March 4, 2012

Little Man 11 Months

Today our baby boy turned 11 months old, just one more month that he is really considered a baby. However like Abigail he will also always be my baby. I can't believe it has almost been a year since he was born. He is very adventurous seems to always be into everything (call that exploring). I am looking forward to getting in our house soon, so that I can actually do a little baby/toddler proofing. Never had to do that with Abigail, but Aidan he is in every cupboard he shouldn't be in, pulling plugs out of the outlets, and always under my feet when I am in the kitchen. Abigail is definitely my cautious one, who enjoys anything art/craft related. Aidan is already playing ball, so looks like he will be into some type of sport(s). The other day I went to get him up and he was standing in his crib grinning ear to ear! He is crawling fast and pulling up to stand and starting to take a few steps, so it won't be long. I keep telling him wait till after our move, but I know it is all when he is ready. One thing I have learned, children learn and grow at there pace and they are all unique with individual personalities, that is what makes them all so precious!

Here is Aidan 11 months old:
Helping mama pack

Playing in his sister's room!

Abigail has been having a fun week at school, Friday was Dr. Seuss Wacky Day, she picked out her outfit all by herself. I love her style!!

Tuesday we close on our house! We are so excited to have our own place and yard for the kiddos to play in. Stay tuned for updates on our move and pics of the new old place :)

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