Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Days

On Wednesday I volunteered at Abigail's preschool to help with their Easter Party! They kiddo's had a great time doing crafts and singing songs. They also had an ice cream sundae and egg hunt!! This week the weather has been perfect, so we have also enjoyed some outside time! Both kiddo's loving being outside!
Ashely had her first treatment for her heartworm and so far she is doing great! I just feel bad that she isn't able to get out and have fun and run. For the next couple months, no play or exercise. We got her a little pool for her so she can stay cool. Thankful she is doing great!

Here are a few pics from our week!

 Abigail takes craft time serious! She takes her time and must finish each project!

Egg hunt rule time and song time!!

The kids had fun making their sundaes and of course eating them. Abigail had every topping.
Abigail and Ryan counting there eggs after the hunt!

Abigail's castle that my mom and I found at a garage sale. She loves sitting in there and reading. She is reading her Bible. Then of course little man wants to come in too :)

Little man doing what he is best at, exploring and trying to get into things he isn't suppose to.

Outside play time at our house. Abigail talking with Tigger and Ashley looking on.

 Aidan enjoying outside time, watching Abigail ride her trike.

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