Thursday, April 12, 2012

Birthday Party Fun!!

Aidan had his first birthday party a week after his birthday, it was camouflaged theme. I had planned it for when the hubby would be home on a day off, but that didn't happen and he missed it, the railroad had him, but we captured it on video for him. We had a great little party for Aidan with the help of Ryan's mom and step dad! Though I really think Abigail had the most fun! As the cars started to arrive she started to direct traffic for parking in our driveway, then showed our guests the house, specifically her room and she made sure her friends that came were having fun playing. A good time was had by all!! Of course little man, got to enjoy his first cake!! Thank you Laura Cross for making a yummy cool looking cake!! Aidan wasn't like his sister on her first birthday where she just dug in, nope he took his sweet time enjoying it!!
       Party favors for kiddos

First Birthday Cake

Birthday boy with his mama!!

Can't wait to dig in and have some cake!

Grandpa and Grandma Cogley with the kiddos!

Going for the cake!!


Opening gifts!

We feel so blessed and thank God for giving us Aidan! He brings us so much joy and love to the family! Thank you to our family and friends that celebrated his special day with us!! We know not everyone was able to be here, but we know you were with us in our hearts!

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  1. I love this! Looks like a great time!


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