Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tater Days

This weekend is Tater Days in Benton, it is a fair type of event. Many different kinds of vendors set up booths, fair food (you know that deep fried give you a heart-attack food, but taste sooooo good), and rides. What is unique about it is all the rebel flags you see out, can't say I have ever witnessed that anywhere. It was entertaining, I could sit and watch people all day if I had the time. That is what Aidan did while he got to ride around in his stroller. Thoughts running through my head, oh my where is your mom, I would never let my child dress that way, wow people respect please. Anyhow it was really a lot of fun, we enjoyed walking around looking, eating the food, Abigail played a game and she got to drive daddy around in a purple car! I should have taken some pics of the people and flags I saw but I didn't want to offend anyone. Monday we will try and go to the Tater Days parade and maybe I will get some more pics to share.

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