Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Like Vacation

Tuesday we had another great day, so nice to have hubby home for a few days in a row. We have taken advantage of exploring our area and having fun!

We spent a couple hours at Maggie's, which is a place that has mini golf, mini zoo, and icee's!!!
Abigail really enjoyed it! Aidan had fun watching, he really liked ride in the golf cart to see the animals, he wanted to drive!

We got to see a camel and lots of cute little goats!
 Ryan wanted to get a close up to see the ostrich and feed the turkey!
 There were many beautiful peacocks!
 Abigail was going to feed the mini horses but said they were stinky, so she stayed her distance. Oh our little girly girl!
 One little zebra!

After we got done at Maggie's we headed to Paducah to Green Silo's for some berry picking. This little old couple own the farm and take care of the farm. We got some yummy strawberries and blueberries. Nothing like fresh berries. Best thing is they use no pesticides!

After we got home we all enjoyed a little time in the pool, there is an advantage to having a pool, access anytime!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer fun!!!

I am not sure who is having more fun in our family? But there's a lot of good times and memories being made!!

Last week Abigail had fun playing dress-up with a couple of her friends. 

Sunday we had a fun day of slip-n-slide and pool. To top it off we had frozen yogurt at Sweet Cece's for supper, yes supper!! If you haven't been there, it is a must go.

Hubby has off a few days, so we are enjoying time together as a family, without having to worry about the phone ringing, if your hubby works on-call or for the railroad you understand what I mean!

Fun times on the slip-n-slide!! Ryan had to show Abigail how it is done :)

Pool time, the kids love it!!

Yesterday Abigail and I had a nice mommy daughter day. We took a drive down to Mississippi to see good friends who are visiting there from Texas. We haven't seen each other since August, that was when we moved from Texas to Kentucky. Kiya and Abigail didn't miss a beat!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Summer projects and fun!!

School is officially out here, so we have started SUMMER!!

Ryan had a few days off last week, we went to Paducah and strolled around, had lunch at Kirchhoff's, the BEST place we have ate at in a long time!! While we were in Paduch we checked out some of the sites, Abigail had to have her picture taken with the train. We also went to the Art Music Fest, it was a bit hot that day so we didn't spend too much time outside. What is nice about the weather here is it might be hot a few days, but thankfully it cools down and you have cooler days in between! Not like Texas heat!! Thank goodness!

Well and who can leave Aidan out, he is ready and looks cool in shades!!

 This week Ryan also completed refinishing an old dresser I found, it was 80s style, wish I had taken a before pictures so you could see the difference. But I love how it turned out!! We have a bedroom set that Ryan is working on also.

The pool we look forward to enjoying!!

We started working on getting the pool ready, we thought it be simple, pull off the cover and do a little cleaning and be swimming in it. Well didn't go as planned. We have been getting some instructions from a helpful friend and also from Lee's Pool Service and found out not as easy as we thought. Ryan spent a couple hours on his days off trying to get the pool ready. He got the filter system set up and new sand put in it, started on cleaning but never got that it done. He just ran out of time, time off can't be all work and no play! Sunday I came home from church and the pool was green, I knew that wasn't right. So when Ryan got home he shocked it, well the pool is looking better today, not green but now cloudy blue. So I headed to Lee's to get some more chemicals and test kit, so today I spent a little time trying to remedy the problem. Right now it would have been cheaper to leave it covered and get a pool membership at the Country Club. It sure has been a learning process for us and we are starting to understand it better and getting the hang of it. We are becoming pool experts and I now by the time we are done, we will be! So hopefully in another week it will be ready to go!! Everyone keeps assuring us we will enjoy it, I hope, otherwise we might just have to make it into a big bomb fire!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Last week of preschool & start of SUMMER!!!

This last week was Abigail's last week of preschool. On May 7, Abigail road in a trikeathon to raise awareness and money for HORSES Inc (therapeutic horseback riding center) & Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Thank you to those that made donations to support Abigail!! The preschool kids donated a total of $2600!! Whoohoo!! 

Wednesday, we had picnic lunch at school for her last day. The kids sang a few songs and presented us a scrapbook of some of the crafts, special days/events, and pictures of them at school. It was so amazing! I don't know how these teachers get all of those done for all the parents, but it the most wonderful thing to receive!! She has these best teachers!! She has grown so much since the beginning of the school year to now, definitely something we will treasure forever! Plus going to save me some time, so I don't have to scrapbook her year in school. I have only Abigail's first year done and barely started on Aidan's, someday I will get caught up these but it might be a while yet. 
Summer has officially started for us, since school is out! We will be getting together for play-dates with friends, attending Vacation Bible School, making a short trip to Mississippi to see a good friend and her daughter who is Abigail's friend. Then we will trek it up to Minnesota to see family!! Going to be a fun summer!!!  


Friday, May 4, 2012


We had a nice family outing the other day on the golf course. I played very well, impressed my hubby!! First time in two years I touched my clubs! Even both the kiddos enjoyed it! Next date is golf and sushi!!