Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer fun!!!

I am not sure who is having more fun in our family? But there's a lot of good times and memories being made!!

Last week Abigail had fun playing dress-up with a couple of her friends. 

Sunday we had a fun day of slip-n-slide and pool. To top it off we had frozen yogurt at Sweet Cece's for supper, yes supper!! If you haven't been there, it is a must go.

Hubby has off a few days, so we are enjoying time together as a family, without having to worry about the phone ringing, if your hubby works on-call or for the railroad you understand what I mean!

Fun times on the slip-n-slide!! Ryan had to show Abigail how it is done :)

Pool time, the kids love it!!

Yesterday Abigail and I had a nice mommy daughter day. We took a drive down to Mississippi to see good friends who are visiting there from Texas. We haven't seen each other since August, that was when we moved from Texas to Kentucky. Kiya and Abigail didn't miss a beat!!

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