Friday, June 22, 2012

Grandparents/Guest Room

A few months ago I sent my hubby out to look at some furniture I found that someone had listed for sale. He gets there and says no way and I said in-vision it painted. Ahhh and yes, it turned out great!! Hubby finished the old bedroom set last week. Wish I had a before pic of the furniture, but it was stained scratched up from 60s, he sanded it and painted it to give it a nice clean look. I got the bed-set and curtains on sale through Target. I think it turned out great! So now when the grandparents visit they have a nice room to stay and enjoy. Also for anyone else that love to visit us, our door is always open for family and friends.

Yes that is little man looking in! 

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Some yummy sweets for my sweet husband to celebrate Father's Day!! I am so blessed to have a wonderful husband!! Thanks for providing for our family, being kind and loving, helpful and caring, and sharing your life with me!!!

"Dad's are a sons first HERO and Daughters first LOVE!!!" This quote definitely describes my husband!!

Lots of love, Abigail, Aidan, and your wife!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Yay, now we have our own park in our back yard!!

Abigail was super excited today to try out her very own swing/playset!!! A friend of ours was selling there's, so we bought it, good deal for all of us! Ryan went and picked it up with a little help, and set it up. So thankful to have such a handy husband! Abigail is enjoying having her own little mini park in the back yard! She is asking today if her friends could come over. However little man is sick, so told her have to wait a day or two. Today she is enjoying climbing, sliding, and swinging on her own!! It's the simple things that bring joy and excitement! How much I love that!

It's simple for little kids to find joy, we as adults need to remember that too! My hope is my children will always know what joy is and where it comes from.

1 Thessalonians 5:16 
Be joyful always...

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Letter M & Faith

For the last couple weeks Abigail and I have been practicing writing letters and then she colors letters. It's her favorite thing to do. So, I am sitting with Abigail today while she is finishing up coloring letter M, while Aidan is planning how to get on top of the table. He figured he can turn the shopping cart on its side, push it over to the table, climb up on it and then up on top of the table. He is a climber, but not only that he is a thinker, you can see him sitting there thinking about how he is going to do it and then he tries, most the time it works and thankfully I am always close by to make sure he doesn't fall in the process. I am certainly learning how to manage the stress of worry and trust in Aidan's ability. Not to say I am not having mild anxiety attacks watching him, ahhh!! I certainly can relate to this in my Faith, putting all trust in God and giving all worries to Him.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Beep, beep out of the way!!

I know not the best pictures but phone camera doesn't take great moving pics. This is too cute not to share. Little man pushing his big sister around!! Not sure who was having more fun? Abigail getting pushed around or Aidan proud of himself that he can push his older sister around. Anyhow these two sweet blessings just melt my heart!!