Sunday, June 10, 2012

Letter M & Faith

For the last couple weeks Abigail and I have been practicing writing letters and then she colors letters. It's her favorite thing to do. So, I am sitting with Abigail today while she is finishing up coloring letter M, while Aidan is planning how to get on top of the table. He figured he can turn the shopping cart on its side, push it over to the table, climb up on it and then up on top of the table. He is a climber, but not only that he is a thinker, you can see him sitting there thinking about how he is going to do it and then he tries, most the time it works and thankfully I am always close by to make sure he doesn't fall in the process. I am certainly learning how to manage the stress of worry and trust in Aidan's ability. Not to say I am not having mild anxiety attacks watching him, ahhh!! I certainly can relate to this in my Faith, putting all trust in God and giving all worries to Him.

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