Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sacfrice is a good thing!!

It has been a busy week! Ryan finished up the patio and it looks great, we just need to find some patio furniture and figure what else we want to put on the space, definietly a firepit and maybe and outside patio bar and/or potted plant area, decisions, decisions, but we are in no hurry to figure that out. I also started to prepare for an upcoming garage sale. You see our patio went over budget, but don't projects always go over budget! This just helps me to get motivated to get rid of all these baby things and stuff around the house we do not need or use.

The other day I realized Abigail's birthday is coming! (I can't believe my baby girl is turning 4!) So I started asking her what she wanted for a birthday party, we decided on Strawberry shortcake. So today we headed out to see what we could find for her party, in addition I have been searching on the internet. Also I thought while out and about we would look for a leotard or something for her to wear to her first gymnastics class. I got a couple from one of the Grandma's, but there a bit too big yet. So we didn't score any decorations while out and about, but while we were in JC Penny looking a clerk and customer were so helpful, she called her mom's consignment store to see if they had any leotard's and they did! The clerk could have said we can order from the catalog. I was so very thankful for there help, plus we got to see a bit of the farmer's market downtown Murray and it is nice, there were all kind of booths!  Plus next door to the consignment store was a place I want to go try to eat at without kiddos, The Cake Lady! Back to to the leotard, we scored, it is a cute turquoise color with little attached skirt and Abigail loves it! The best thing it was only $5!!! I love scoring deals, I try to be a thrifty shopper! So today was full of surprises and blessings! Thankful for helping friends and strangers, good deals, and exploring a little more of Murray I didn't know about!

Since we didn't score on any Strawberry Shortcake I have spent some time finding good deals on the internet and searching out ideas for her party. Now I am keeping it simple, but I do want her party to be fun for her! The things we do for our children! But that is what being a mom is, loving and making those sacfrices, but really they are not sacfrices, I love and enjoy seeing there little eyes light up and get excited! I love seeing them happy! Sure there are moments when we are not all happy and loving, but those are learning moments. These children of mine will only be little for only so long and then they grow up and that happens way too fast, realizing that today since they are having my 20 year high school reunion today! Anyhow, while I was thinking about all that on our drive to Murray, it made me think about the greatest sacrfrice of all, Jesus giving his life to save us! Really how awesome is that! If you think about it, sacfrice is a good thing.I think so many times we look at the word sacrifice and we see it as a negative word, but when you start to dig deeper into the meaning you will find this:
The first part of the word, sacri, comes from the Latin root word sacrare meaning, “to make sacred or holy”. The second part of the word, fice, means  to help, be of service, or offer.

Sorry if this post is rambled, but I got a little diverted and that is a good thing sometimes, because you never know what you might learn when you live in the moment and what you will discover!

Monday, July 23, 2012

New Pool

So if you have read last couple posts, you will know we got rid of our big above ground pool and are in the process of replacing that area with a patio area. Ryan has been working hard, we ran short of flagstone so just waiting for them to deliver the last little bit we need to get it done!!

I know some of you are thinking we are crazy to get rid of the big pool, but when you figure out the cost and time to keep up the pool and the amount we use it, it didn't add up, not even close! We can go get a pool membership at the country club for cheaper then maintaining our pool and there they have a wading pool for the little one's and a big plus no more cleaning, testing and adding chemicals to the pool! I felt like a mad-scientist at times dealing with the pool. So far now, we got out the little pools and we all love the new pools!! The kiddos having fun splashing around and mama able to relax while watching them have fun!! Now this is summer fun at its finest!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Hard at work...

My husband has been working harder at home then when he is at work running the trains. I am thankful to have a hard working, handy man!!

The sand being compacted.

Flagstone being put down, now this is like putting a big puzzle piece together. You want to make sure the stones are level and they do not move once put down. Some of these stones are 150 pounds, so hubby has been getting a really good workout in. Plus 90-100 degree heat this last week! He is determined to get it done!

His helper, our sweet daughter. She jumps around them to make sure the stones do not wiggle.

I am impressed, he is almost down, we ran short, so I had to go order another 1/2 pallet so once those arrive he will finish putting the stone down and then use the gator sand to seal in all those stones. Once that is done we will slowly finish by putting in an outside fireplace and in our rock area off to the side of flagstone patio we will put in some potted plants and decorate to tie it all together and make it a great outdoor space. Can't wait to see it finished! I am loving it more then the pool already!

Thank you hubby for all the extra hard work you have been putting in between your hours not working!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Future new patio!

We sold our pool and decking that went with it. A local guy bought it, took it down and moved it all by himself, yes all by himself. I was amazed, because it was a large pool and deck! This guy use to move houses for a living, so he knew what he was doing.

So now we are left with a sand area where the pool was a rock area. Though we have great plans for it. Ryan has already ordered the flagstone. Though he did think about a putting green, thankfully he didn't go that route :)  He will be putting in a flagstone patio where the sand is and we plan to put in some potted plants and yard art in the rock area. I can't wait till it is all done and see what my hubby does with the space!

Patio ready to be delivered to new home, the pool was little easier to to move since it came apart in many pieces. I am sure it won't be fun putting back together though.

 Here is the before picture, watch for after pictures when it is done!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Lessons

Have you ever had one of those Mondays that you wish you could just go back and hit restart and it starts out different. I have to say I wish I could. Our house was not peaceful this morning, sick puppy, screaming kiddos as they were not comprehending what was happening with puppy, messes everywhere, spent several hours cleaning and then had to make the toughest decision, about what to do with Duke? I prayed in the chaos about what to do, and was given the option to return Duke to seller. Now do I take him back for seller to get well or to the vet in hopes he gets better and still deal with one of our kiddos who is scared of puppy, but yet has had a few moments of liking. So Duke is back with his mama, getting well hopefully, so pray for him. Right now there is peace in the house, though I loved having little puppy running around. But I miss Duke, can't say our child feels the same. Sometimes things happen for a reason and I think this just must be one of those things that is teaching me a lesson, several lessons. It will be a very long time before we even talk about having another dog, I can't take the heartbreak.

But looking at the blessings today, I enjoyed helping out at VBS and Abigail had fun in class, I got to watch her from afar. Thankful for kind people and friends! Also for Abagail's eye doctor who we are visiting today for a checkup.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Simple fun!!

Just a few snapshots of some fun!!

 We took Duke out for his first car ride, not sure if he was liking it by his expression, but the kids were excited for some ice cream!!

When mommy's away the boys will play! Abigail and I were at friends house for Bible study.
Sooo, Daddio let Aidan play in Duke's home.
 And they played in the rain!! Looks like lots of fun!!
Also so thankful for the rain, prayers are being answered!!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

15 Months

Sometimes I wonder where does the time go? Little man turned 15 months on July 4th! Yesterday he had his 15 month check up appointment. I can't believe how well he sat with the nurse and the doctor while they checked him, I can't get him to sit in my lap for more then a minute and he is squirming. But I guess he was memorized by the cool stuff they do! Little man, well is little man, he is in 7% (29 3/4lbs) for height and 15% (21.9 lbs) for weight, so proportioned well, just little on short side, but us Wobschall's and Woelpern's are. He is of course happy healthy growing boy and that is what is important, not that I needed a doctor to tell me he his is happy and healthy, as we already knew that. He is definitely an added bonus to our family, we all love him so much!! Sister thinks the same way, they are great playmates!

Happy to report that our baby weim, Mr. Duke is good little puppy. Doing great on potty training and isn't bothered at all by Aidan crawling on him, poking him, pulling his tail or ears, or coming after him with one of his toys. Now if only Duke can learn to sleep through the night like the kiddos. I know he misses his mama and puppy siblings. Abigail is really starting to get over her fear of animals, well Duke at least, she petted Duke and let him lick her hand. I think her seeing how we all love on Duke and how good he is helping her. Also mama believes in praying to God to help her conquer her fear and trust.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Our new addition!!

We have been talking about getting a puppy, since our rescue dog didn't work out, but thankful she is in a loving home now with the right people. So we decided to look for a weimaraner. I noticed the pastors house next to where Abigail goes to school had weims, so I got his contact info and gave him a call. Was just going to ask if he knew any breeders or where he got his weims from. Well as luck has it, he had a litter and they were 7 weeks old. We went and looked prior to our trip, we said we talk it over and check back when we got back from Minnesota. After a little more research, we did decide on a male and so today, we went and picked out our male. So far Duke has made himself at home, Aidan loves him, like a little playmate and Duke takes the pulling and hitting well from Aidan. Abigail is slowly warming up to Duke. In time I know the three of them will all be best buds!
Here is a couple pics of our new addition!
 DUKE (8 weeks)

 Aidan's new bud!

Minnesota Trip

We took a quick trip to Minnesota on Ryan's days off. It had been almost two years since we have been in Minnesota, so it was so great to see family that we haven't seen in a while and for everyone to meet Aidan. Thankful we live so much closer now, as we can do the drive in 10.5 to 12 hours. The kiddos traveled well thanks to toys, snacks, and watching movies.

We stayed at my mom's house, which works out great, as we have the whole basement area and Aidan had his own bedroom upstairs in a quiet area since he is the light sleeper of the family. I am sure he gets that from me.

Over the three days we were there in Minnesota we enjoyed time with all the family, eating at some of our favorite Minnesota places Out To Lunch and many other places, enjoyed home cooked food, shopping at my mom's store Country Collection Antiques, enjoy time with my mother in law at Sticks and Stones, and showing the kiddos where we grew up. Yes we went to Target and Barnes and Nobles, both stores I really miss having close. It was really a wonderful visit, wish we had a few more days to spend more time with our family.

Here are a few snapshots I got, hope to get some more from the rest of the family soon so I can share those as well.

 Mom invited the family over for dinner, it was a full house and we have a small family or so I think.
 My cousin Alissa and Allen

 My Aunt Linda and Scott and my Uncle John

Great pic of my brother, he hates getting his photo taken, guess that runs in the family, as I do too.

My Aunt Laura and Mom sneaking into the animal crackers, there going to love me for this one!

 My dad and Ab having some serious fun!

Aidan meeting his Great Grandpa for first time! So precious! 
Aidan also met his Great Grandma too, missed getting a pic. 

 Aidan and Abigail having fun with legos!

Abigail getting a pedicure from my mom aka Grandma! 

We had a nice time spending time with Ryan's Step Dad and Mom on another day. We also got together with Aunt Irene and Uncle Mike, and we were lucky cousin Britt and Ellory were  visiting from Texas. Waiting to see those pics.

 Grandpa Dick helping Aidan color

 Gandma Joanne and Abigail having fun!

 Not the best pic, but Ryan and Grandpa Dick took the kiddos on the carousel. 

 Playing with legos at Barnes and Noble, oh how I miss having a B&N near me.

Even Ryan got into building with legos!

We also visited with Ryan's Dad and Step mom. Got to see their new home on wheels and enjoyed a nice lunch out. The kiddos also got to meet Aunt Kelly. Grandma Bobbi took some great pics and looking forward to seeing those!