Saturday, July 7, 2012

15 Months

Sometimes I wonder where does the time go? Little man turned 15 months on July 4th! Yesterday he had his 15 month check up appointment. I can't believe how well he sat with the nurse and the doctor while they checked him, I can't get him to sit in my lap for more then a minute and he is squirming. But I guess he was memorized by the cool stuff they do! Little man, well is little man, he is in 7% (29 3/4lbs) for height and 15% (21.9 lbs) for weight, so proportioned well, just little on short side, but us Wobschall's and Woelpern's are. He is of course happy healthy growing boy and that is what is important, not that I needed a doctor to tell me he his is happy and healthy, as we already knew that. He is definitely an added bonus to our family, we all love him so much!! Sister thinks the same way, they are great playmates!

Happy to report that our baby weim, Mr. Duke is good little puppy. Doing great on potty training and isn't bothered at all by Aidan crawling on him, poking him, pulling his tail or ears, or coming after him with one of his toys. Now if only Duke can learn to sleep through the night like the kiddos. I know he misses his mama and puppy siblings. Abigail is really starting to get over her fear of animals, well Duke at least, she petted Duke and let him lick her hand. I think her seeing how we all love on Duke and how good he is helping her. Also mama believes in praying to God to help her conquer her fear and trust.

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