Friday, July 20, 2012

Hard at work...

My husband has been working harder at home then when he is at work running the trains. I am thankful to have a hard working, handy man!!

The sand being compacted.

Flagstone being put down, now this is like putting a big puzzle piece together. You want to make sure the stones are level and they do not move once put down. Some of these stones are 150 pounds, so hubby has been getting a really good workout in. Plus 90-100 degree heat this last week! He is determined to get it done!

His helper, our sweet daughter. She jumps around them to make sure the stones do not wiggle.

I am impressed, he is almost down, we ran short, so I had to go order another 1/2 pallet so once those arrive he will finish putting the stone down and then use the gator sand to seal in all those stones. Once that is done we will slowly finish by putting in an outside fireplace and in our rock area off to the side of flagstone patio we will put in some potted plants and decorate to tie it all together and make it a great outdoor space. Can't wait to see it finished! I am loving it more then the pool already!

Thank you hubby for all the extra hard work you have been putting in between your hours not working!

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