Thursday, July 5, 2012

Minnesota Trip

We took a quick trip to Minnesota on Ryan's days off. It had been almost two years since we have been in Minnesota, so it was so great to see family that we haven't seen in a while and for everyone to meet Aidan. Thankful we live so much closer now, as we can do the drive in 10.5 to 12 hours. The kiddos traveled well thanks to toys, snacks, and watching movies.

We stayed at my mom's house, which works out great, as we have the whole basement area and Aidan had his own bedroom upstairs in a quiet area since he is the light sleeper of the family. I am sure he gets that from me.

Over the three days we were there in Minnesota we enjoyed time with all the family, eating at some of our favorite Minnesota places Out To Lunch and many other places, enjoyed home cooked food, shopping at my mom's store Country Collection Antiques, enjoy time with my mother in law at Sticks and Stones, and showing the kiddos where we grew up. Yes we went to Target and Barnes and Nobles, both stores I really miss having close. It was really a wonderful visit, wish we had a few more days to spend more time with our family.

Here are a few snapshots I got, hope to get some more from the rest of the family soon so I can share those as well.

 Mom invited the family over for dinner, it was a full house and we have a small family or so I think.
 My cousin Alissa and Allen

 My Aunt Linda and Scott and my Uncle John

Great pic of my brother, he hates getting his photo taken, guess that runs in the family, as I do too.

My Aunt Laura and Mom sneaking into the animal crackers, there going to love me for this one!

 My dad and Ab having some serious fun!

Aidan meeting his Great Grandpa for first time! So precious! 
Aidan also met his Great Grandma too, missed getting a pic. 

 Aidan and Abigail having fun with legos!

Abigail getting a pedicure from my mom aka Grandma! 

We had a nice time spending time with Ryan's Step Dad and Mom on another day. We also got together with Aunt Irene and Uncle Mike, and we were lucky cousin Britt and Ellory were  visiting from Texas. Waiting to see those pics.

 Grandpa Dick helping Aidan color

 Gandma Joanne and Abigail having fun!

 Not the best pic, but Ryan and Grandpa Dick took the kiddos on the carousel. 

 Playing with legos at Barnes and Noble, oh how I miss having a B&N near me.

Even Ryan got into building with legos!

We also visited with Ryan's Dad and Step mom. Got to see their new home on wheels and enjoyed a nice lunch out. The kiddos also got to meet Aunt Kelly. Grandma Bobbi took some great pics and looking forward to seeing those!

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