Monday, July 23, 2012

New Pool

So if you have read last couple posts, you will know we got rid of our big above ground pool and are in the process of replacing that area with a patio area. Ryan has been working hard, we ran short of flagstone so just waiting for them to deliver the last little bit we need to get it done!!

I know some of you are thinking we are crazy to get rid of the big pool, but when you figure out the cost and time to keep up the pool and the amount we use it, it didn't add up, not even close! We can go get a pool membership at the country club for cheaper then maintaining our pool and there they have a wading pool for the little one's and a big plus no more cleaning, testing and adding chemicals to the pool! I felt like a mad-scientist at times dealing with the pool. So far now, we got out the little pools and we all love the new pools!! The kiddos having fun splashing around and mama able to relax while watching them have fun!! Now this is summer fun at its finest!!

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