Thursday, July 5, 2012

Our new addition!!

We have been talking about getting a puppy, since our rescue dog didn't work out, but thankful she is in a loving home now with the right people. So we decided to look for a weimaraner. I noticed the pastors house next to where Abigail goes to school had weims, so I got his contact info and gave him a call. Was just going to ask if he knew any breeders or where he got his weims from. Well as luck has it, he had a litter and they were 7 weeks old. We went and looked prior to our trip, we said we talk it over and check back when we got back from Minnesota. After a little more research, we did decide on a male and so today, we went and picked out our male. So far Duke has made himself at home, Aidan loves him, like a little playmate and Duke takes the pulling and hitting well from Aidan. Abigail is slowly warming up to Duke. In time I know the three of them will all be best buds!
Here is a couple pics of our new addition!
 DUKE (8 weeks)

 Aidan's new bud!

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