Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sacfrice is a good thing!!

It has been a busy week! Ryan finished up the patio and it looks great, we just need to find some patio furniture and figure what else we want to put on the space, definietly a firepit and maybe and outside patio bar and/or potted plant area, decisions, decisions, but we are in no hurry to figure that out. I also started to prepare for an upcoming garage sale. You see our patio went over budget, but don't projects always go over budget! This just helps me to get motivated to get rid of all these baby things and stuff around the house we do not need or use.

The other day I realized Abigail's birthday is coming! (I can't believe my baby girl is turning 4!) So I started asking her what she wanted for a birthday party, we decided on Strawberry shortcake. So today we headed out to see what we could find for her party, in addition I have been searching on the internet. Also I thought while out and about we would look for a leotard or something for her to wear to her first gymnastics class. I got a couple from one of the Grandma's, but there a bit too big yet. So we didn't score any decorations while out and about, but while we were in JC Penny looking a clerk and customer were so helpful, she called her mom's consignment store to see if they had any leotard's and they did! The clerk could have said we can order from the catalog. I was so very thankful for there help, plus we got to see a bit of the farmer's market downtown Murray and it is nice, there were all kind of booths!  Plus next door to the consignment store was a place I want to go try to eat at without kiddos, The Cake Lady! Back to to the leotard, we scored, it is a cute turquoise color with little attached skirt and Abigail loves it! The best thing it was only $5!!! I love scoring deals, I try to be a thrifty shopper! So today was full of surprises and blessings! Thankful for helping friends and strangers, good deals, and exploring a little more of Murray I didn't know about!

Since we didn't score on any Strawberry Shortcake I have spent some time finding good deals on the internet and searching out ideas for her party. Now I am keeping it simple, but I do want her party to be fun for her! The things we do for our children! But that is what being a mom is, loving and making those sacfrices, but really they are not sacfrices, I love and enjoy seeing there little eyes light up and get excited! I love seeing them happy! Sure there are moments when we are not all happy and loving, but those are learning moments. These children of mine will only be little for only so long and then they grow up and that happens way too fast, realizing that today since they are having my 20 year high school reunion today! Anyhow, while I was thinking about all that on our drive to Murray, it made me think about the greatest sacrfrice of all, Jesus giving his life to save us! Really how awesome is that! If you think about it, sacfrice is a good thing.I think so many times we look at the word sacrifice and we see it as a negative word, but when you start to dig deeper into the meaning you will find this:
The first part of the word, sacri, comes from the Latin root word sacrare meaning, “to make sacred or holy”. The second part of the word, fice, means  to help, be of service, or offer.

Sorry if this post is rambled, but I got a little diverted and that is a good thing sometimes, because you never know what you might learn when you live in the moment and what you will discover!

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