Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Change is a good thing!

So hard to believe, Abigail will be starting her 2nd year of  preschool next week and turning four in a month. These kiddos are growing up way too fast! It is all good, but I miss them as babies.

This is Abigail at her first day of preschool last year!

Here they are today! Such sweet blessings!

This picture was taking when Aidan was just a couple days old, 
April 2011, really not that long ago.

This picture was taking almost a year ago, shortly after we moved to Kentucky. 
Which will be one year in a couple weeks. 
So much has changed since we moved here. Abigail started wearing glasses, attended preschool for the first time, and has made new friends. She has also tried and learned many new things. Aidan, well he has grown into full toddler mode, walking, running, climbing.  We rented and then bought a house in Kentucky. Found a new church home/family and made new friends. Which I am so blessed for! Family and friendships are the most important thing! God has definitely blessed us with some really great one's! It has made our many moves easier. 
“Make new friends but keep the old ones; one is silver and the other's gold”

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  1. Boy how they've changed. Aidan has grown so much!!! Miss you guys!!


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