Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nine Years Ago, our first date!

Wow!! Nine years ago, August 17 2003, I went on a somewhat blind date with a man named Ryan. I call it somewhat as we met online first, so we were somewhat familiar with each other. But August 17 was when we first met face to face and went on our first date! I remember it, as I was thinking no big deal, had no expectations. You see I was divorced and my friends would set me up on dates and well I have some good stories from those, but I was really over the dating thing at the time, but God had other plans!

Anyhow, we had a great first date, we went to the Owatonna fair and then ate at Applebee's. From there our relationship grew and flourished, not to say that it has always been easy and rosie in the nine years, but I am thankful for those times when it wasn't easy, as it made us stronger and both better spouses and now parents to two wonderful little blessings! I am so thankful and blessed to have met  Ryan and marry him! He has taken me from Minnesota, all over Texas and now our home in Kentucky. I have got to experience living in different areas of Texas, which as you know is its own country (not really but it does seem that way coming from Minnesota), meeting many wonderful people, completed yoga training, and got to eat some of the best food in America, which by the way is in Texas. So far our journey has been a wonderful and I look forward to all the many more we have together! I have definitely grown as a person and I have my hubby to thank for that! I love you to the moon and back and then some!!! Thank you hubby for all that you to do provide for us, making me laugh, teaching me new things (some I never dreamed of), being a wonderful father to our children, and just plain ol loving me for who I am!!

Here are a few pictures of us as a couple through out the nine years. Not so many in the beginning, when we were dating and got married, but that was before cell phones took pictures. Wow how times have changed!! :)

Our first baby, Molly!  (2004)

Fun times on the Harley

Ryan's sisters wedding

Corpus Christi Bay

Christmas pic at Jennifer & Lances home!

At a hockey game in Houston, New Year's Eve aka our Wedding Anniversary!! 

Hanging out in Austin, TX (2007)

Our first, daughter Abigail! (2008)

At a visit to our home state, Minnesota! (2010)

Our second, son Aidan! (2011)

Our Family in Kentucky!! (2012)

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