Saturday, September 22, 2012

Paint The Town Pink

This year me and the kiddo's participated in the Benton Women's Club Paint The Town Pink. This is there 5th year having it! It is a breast cancer awareness walk to promote the fight to eradicate breast cancer! I know a few ladies that have either had the disease or are fighting the disease and it is is a great cause to support!

Abigail and I got our pink shirts on and Aidan's stroller ready and headed out the door this morning. Beautiful day!! Actually we got a little warm as I over layered us all. Abigail didn't want to ride in stroller and wanted to walk, but after we watched the presentation and the award part of the event, she started to get tired. It was time for our walk. She did great, but then saw one of our friends and hoped up into her arms, so here I am pushing Aidan and Leslie carrying Ab, now mind you she is pregnant, so I am thinking this is so not right, so we switched. The walk is only a mile! So only had to carry Abigail for a short time. But it does put things into perspective if you stop to think, those that have had or are struggling with the disease go through a lot more struggling and challenges as they fight the disease.So a mile walk carrying your toddler is nothing to complain about, but instead to be thankful for your good health!
Ephesians 5:20~ giving thanks always for all things to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ

Next year maybe I will run the 5K they started this year, just need to get my running motivation back, which I haven't had since having Aidan.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fall is here, loving it!!!

I missed fall weather for seven years of my life when we lived in Texas and so happy to be enjoying another fall! My favorite season!! Hot cider, smores, long cool walks outside, fresh cool air breezes, oh and sweatshirts, my favorite things to wear and my fleece pj's, promise though I won't wear them out in public. :)

We have been busy since school started back! Abigail is in her last year of preschool, which makes me sad to think next year she will be in kindergarten, but that is another post. Abigail had her four year check up last week, healthy as can be and did great, till shot time, but who can blame her. Today we had mommy and daughter dentist appointments, she got to be a dental assistant, love Dr. Sells office!! She is also still taking gymnastics and loving it!

We also started back at MOPS, this year we are going to a new group, which is closer and we are loving it! Abigail will be attending AWANA again this year on Sundays, while I am facilitating Mom To Mom. Be in prayer for our churches AWANA and Mom To Mom bible study.

This Saturday me and the kiddos we will be participating in Paint The Town Pink, we are doing the walk for breast cancer awareness. Hopefully I will get some pictures & share more after our walk.

Oh and sneak peak for Halloween!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2012


"Eucharisteo= the practice of which is exercised in recording blessings, one by one."

I have been reading One Thousand Gifts and if you have not heard of it or read it, I recommend it to everyone   This book is taking me a while to read, because I am absorbing it as I keep rereading each chapter and journaling with it. Someday maybe I will write more about it. 
I have started listing things to be thankful for or blessings that happen.Wanted to share one day with you, and it is simple things!

Saturday was one day that was full of blessings. The beautiful weather, time with friends, watching my children having fun, a two hour nap taken by my son (a rarity), eating in nature, seeing lots of happy faces, and Abigail saying she had a really fun day!

 Girls in firemen hats!

Aidan trying on his hat.

That was a close as Abigail wanted to get to Hello Kitty, but her friends were brave! 

                                          To end the day the kiddos played some ball in the front yard!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

More Birthday Celebrating

Abigail really got to celebrate her birthday this year, first it started with a birthday party a few days before her real birth-date. Wednesday arrived, her real birthday!! We started out with singing her Happy Birthday at breakfast then she got to open gifts from family that she received in the mail. She really got some great gifts and she was very thankful! She even got some money, which she was excited about, that was a first time she was excited to get money! So we took her to the bank so she could put half in her savings account, then took the other half to go buy something and in addition she also bought her brother a car. So she leaned about saving, spending, and sharing!!

In the afternoon she had preschool, so we went to school for snack-time and brought birthday treats to share with her friends.

Wednesday night is church night, so we at church, where again, she was blessed by Ginger and the lovely kitchen ladies with a special cupcake and Happy Birthday song!! She truly was so happy and thankful! We are blessed with awesome family and friends, so thank you all for making her special day extra special!!

 So you ask what did she spend her money on, well she bought a princess hair styling set, complete with curling iron, brush, flat-iron, hair-dryer, and lipstick and little man is her client!

Here she is at school with her school friends sharing birthday treat! The teachers put a candle in her cookie and sang to her. So sweet!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Abigail Birthday Party

This weekend, my parents came to town and with Abigail's birthday only being a few days away, I planned the birthday party, so I know I would have help. We set a date, Abigail made her birthday party list of invites and the theme, I planned and organized the little special Strawberry Shortcake birthday party!! 

We were blessed with a beautiful day and lots of friends came and helped Abigail celebrate her birthday! She was a very good hostess and all had a wonderful time!!

 The Birthday Girl and her Strawberry Shortcake Cake & Blueberry Muffins!! We also had Orange Blossom Punch and Lemon Meringue Lemonade. 

Abigail with her Grandparents from Minnesota!

Abigail with her brother and mom, hubby got called to work :( but we will be celebrating again on her actual birthday together, that is as long as work doesn't interfere again. 

She did awesome job at blowing out each candle, Happy 4 years old!!

The birthday crew enjoying the sweets!!

Aidan too got to enjoy some yummy sweets!!

Gift opening! Thanks again y'all for joining us for the celebration, we are blessed with many wonderful friends and family!!

The birthday game that some tried to do, put berries in the basket (like pin tail on donkey).