Sunday, September 2, 2012

Abigail Birthday Party

This weekend, my parents came to town and with Abigail's birthday only being a few days away, I planned the birthday party, so I know I would have help. We set a date, Abigail made her birthday party list of invites and the theme, I planned and organized the little special Strawberry Shortcake birthday party!! 

We were blessed with a beautiful day and lots of friends came and helped Abigail celebrate her birthday! She was a very good hostess and all had a wonderful time!!

 The Birthday Girl and her Strawberry Shortcake Cake & Blueberry Muffins!! We also had Orange Blossom Punch and Lemon Meringue Lemonade. 

Abigail with her Grandparents from Minnesota!

Abigail with her brother and mom, hubby got called to work :( but we will be celebrating again on her actual birthday together, that is as long as work doesn't interfere again. 

She did awesome job at blowing out each candle, Happy 4 years old!!

The birthday crew enjoying the sweets!!

Aidan too got to enjoy some yummy sweets!!

Gift opening! Thanks again y'all for joining us for the celebration, we are blessed with many wonderful friends and family!!

The birthday game that some tried to do, put berries in the basket (like pin tail on donkey).

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