Sunday, September 9, 2012


"Eucharisteo= the practice of which is exercised in recording blessings, one by one."

I have been reading One Thousand Gifts and if you have not heard of it or read it, I recommend it to everyone   This book is taking me a while to read, because I am absorbing it as I keep rereading each chapter and journaling with it. Someday maybe I will write more about it. 
I have started listing things to be thankful for or blessings that happen.Wanted to share one day with you, and it is simple things!

Saturday was one day that was full of blessings. The beautiful weather, time with friends, watching my children having fun, a two hour nap taken by my son (a rarity), eating in nature, seeing lots of happy faces, and Abigail saying she had a really fun day!

 Girls in firemen hats!

Aidan trying on his hat.

That was a close as Abigail wanted to get to Hello Kitty, but her friends were brave! 

                                          To end the day the kiddos played some ball in the front yard!!

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