Friday, September 7, 2012

More Birthday Celebrating

Abigail really got to celebrate her birthday this year, first it started with a birthday party a few days before her real birth-date. Wednesday arrived, her real birthday!! We started out with singing her Happy Birthday at breakfast then she got to open gifts from family that she received in the mail. She really got some great gifts and she was very thankful! She even got some money, which she was excited about, that was a first time she was excited to get money! So we took her to the bank so she could put half in her savings account, then took the other half to go buy something and in addition she also bought her brother a car. So she leaned about saving, spending, and sharing!!

In the afternoon she had preschool, so we went to school for snack-time and brought birthday treats to share with her friends.

Wednesday night is church night, so we at church, where again, she was blessed by Ginger and the lovely kitchen ladies with a special cupcake and Happy Birthday song!! She truly was so happy and thankful! We are blessed with awesome family and friends, so thank you all for making her special day extra special!!

 So you ask what did she spend her money on, well she bought a princess hair styling set, complete with curling iron, brush, flat-iron, hair-dryer, and lipstick and little man is her client!

Here she is at school with her school friends sharing birthday treat! The teachers put a candle in her cookie and sang to her. So sweet!

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