Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fall & Halloween Activities

What are your favorite activities to do during the beautiful fall season? We have many, here are just a few:


We love fall weather, perfect for campfires in the backyard! Who can have a campfire and no smores? Yummy!!!


 Cooler days means we love to bake to warm up the house and our tummy's!!
Today's treat~cookie pops made by Abigail

Trick or Treat:

Of course the favorite thing to do for Halloween time, is trick or treat!! We went to the Halloween Haunted House of Hoops which is put on by the high school basketball and cheerleaders! They put on a great event for the kiddos, game, candy, and face painting!! So the kiddos put on there costumes and off we went for fun! This year they will get multiple use wearing there costumes, since we have a couple other events to attend, plus Abigail's preschool Halloween party!! Little man didn't want to wear his mask, but he enjoyed showing off his muscles!

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