Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fun day at home...

We rarely spend the entire day at home, but those are some of the most fun and productive days! Yesterday was one of those, I got caught up on laundry and going through kids closets. We also got a box ready for a friend and put our Operation Christmas Shoebox together, Abigail even included a picture she colored in the box for the girl that will be receiving it. We also included our address in hopes the little girl will write Abigail back. We pray this little box will bless the girl receiving it. I encourage all my friends and family to do an Operation Christmas Shoebox  It is really a blessing to be able to help others.

Abigail and I also did some baking! While we were baking, Aidan practiced his golf swing.

Taught Abigail how to take photos with my phone, she thought that was the coolest thing! Aidan and I got to be models.

Here is the photographer. Looking at this picture she is looking so grown up, brings me tears to my eyes, though there happy tears, just not ready for her to grow up.

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