Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wurth Farm Pumpkin Patch Family Fun

Before I start telling about our fun trip to the pumpkin patch, I want to thank my inlaws Joanne & Dick for driving down and staying with us a few days this week. Abigail and Aidan had lots of fun with grandpa and grandma, as did I enjoy having family with us! We did some antiquing, playtime outside, coloring, read lots of books, played with puzzles. As always we were sad when they had to leave to return to their home.

Ryan has been working nonstop the last six days, so he got 48 hours off from work and it just so happen to fall on a weekend, which is very rare for him to be off work on a weekend!! We have been enjoying the beautiful fall weather and taking in the beauty of the changing color of leaves on the 1000s of trees in our area. So blessed to be living in this area and enjoying fall weather!! Looking out my window now and seeing the blue skies, white clouds, and golden leaves, just absolutely beautiful!

Saturday we took a trip to Wurth Farm's Pumpkin Patch. We were a little unsure how Aidan would do on the hay ride but the boy loved it! He was fascinated by the tractor and the cows in the field! Abigail had just as much fun riding and running through the pumpkin patch with her brother.

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