Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It's Christmas Time

This year we are really enjoying the Christmas season. It is exciting involving Abigail and Aidan in this beautiful time of the year!

We started our Jesse tree the first of the month, I read the devotion that goes with the ornament for the day, Abigail hangs it and then Aidan tries to take it off, but he is getting better at not touching the tree and just looking at it. I told them the story of the Christmas tree and what it represents, the kids really enjoying hearing it it, they sit next to the tree with the lights on in the dark. Another thing we have been doing as a family is driving around the area parks and neighborhoods to check out the Christmas lights, one of my favorite things to do and the kids ohhh and ahhh! Ryan even put up some lights on our front bushes. Though Abigail told him she wants him to do the whole yard! We have some neighbors down our road that go all out and that is what Abigail wants too, maybe next year?

Friday we will start the 12 days of Christmas countdown! This involves the kids opening up a drawer on the countdown box, there is a devotion and what I have decided to add to it to make it extra special, I wrapped up twelve different pieces of a Nativity set. So each day they will unwrap one piece of the set and the last day will be baby Jesus! Aidan learned all about who baby Jesus is on Sunday when he was in the nursery at church and Abigail already knows. I know it will be fun opening and putting it together piece by piece each day! These will be new traditions for us and I am excited to see how God touches each of this Christmas season. It is exciting to be settling in one place and growing roots in our home, after moving around so much in the last seven years!

 Our devotion box with little tree and Nativity set pieces all wrapped and ready for our countdown! 

Trying to get a picture of the kiddos and our tree that we are putting the Jesse tree ornaments on. I am definitely not a photographer, but at least there in the pictures together :) 

The next couple weeks will fly by as we are busy, we have cookie exchange on Friday with woman's Bible study group and Abigail has two Christmas programs this weekend!!  I hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas season and getting into the spirit, we certainly are! Wishing all our friends a very Blessed and Merry Christmas!!

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