Saturday, December 29, 2012

No More Perfect Mom's! Stop trying to find perfect. Embrace authentic!

Well I haven't read any more of the book since Christmas arrived, we were celebrating Christmas and enjoying family time! Tonight I am hoping to read chapter 5: No more perfect marriages and chapter 6: No more perfect friends. I also want to share some important information with you, since January 1st is two days away.

First, I encourage mom's to sign up for the FREE 31 Day Email Challenges. It starts January 1st. Just go to this link:

Second, check out No More Perfect Mom's web-site, lots of resources and information

Third, buy the book between February 4-9 and you will receive free from Hearts at Home and Moody Publishers additional bonus resources worth more than $100. You can sign up here to be reminded:

Fourth, you might want to consider going to the
2013 National Hearts at Home conference March 15-16. The theme this year is, of course, No More Perfect Moms! They are expecting over 6,000 moms! Go to this link to find out more details and to register:

If you are just now joining me, here is a little recap. I am part of the launch team for this book and have blogged a couple posts in regards to what I have read in the book so far, and will continue. So check past blog posts and keep following to see more.

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