Monday, December 31, 2012

Resolutions?? Anyone??

I don't like calling them resolutions, but rather goals and life changes!
2012 brought a lot of excitment, changes, and challenges!
We are settling into our new house and putting roots down, this is new for us, after moving so much!
This last year, I have become more bold in my faith, sharing and helping others. What I learned most was to rely on God in all things, to let worry go and give it to Him, to not stress and trust God! Now have I mastered these NO, but definitely is something I have been praying about and learning more. I still feel I have long path ahead of me, but I am going to keep on the path! It is all about the journey along the way!

This year, 2013 I want to continue to focus on relying on God for all things, but also taking time to listen to Him and let Him lead me and let the things I do be things that give Him glory!

Lately I have been challenged by my almost two year old son! He is a boy, all boy, he doesn't like no, and he likes to do things his way. He is an amazing cute, loving son, who is definitely adventurous! Very opposite of me! This boy is going to teach me some amazing things! So I have been asking for God to help me see him through His eyes and to give me the strength and patience I need to parent him.

My daughter is growing up way too fast and I know it is going to be hard to send her off to kindergarten this fall, so again I am learning to trust God in this situation. Help me to treasure the little moments, simple things!

This year I will be studying Proverbs 31! I am encouraged by christian blogs from wives that have been studying and sharing what they learn from Proverbs 31. I believe God will use this to help me be better wife and mom! I am going to keep remembering from Lysa TerKeurst~Unglued, "Imperfect progress"!!

I have a need to want to help people, but I must remember my first ministry is to my family in my home. However, I am praying about another mom Bible study and possibly get back into teaching yoga. Will see what God has in store!

Organize, I use to be organized, but things have slipped, I desire to be more organized and make things more simple! Time to use some of those tips/advice I have been reading on blogs.

This last year I started meal planning, which has been very helpful. I am going to continue this in addition add in healthier eating choices for my family and I, while saving us money.

More Bible time, family fun, and living life to the fullest! Continue blogging to share with our family and friends, children are growing fast and life is an adventure!

This is my prayer for this year:
Thank You for my husband and children, I love my family!
Thank You for family and friends! They are precious gifts and blessings that I am grateful for. Help me to keep my focus on You, I need You more than anything! Give me a thankful, joyful, peaceful heart set on things above not on things of earth. Make me fearless! Use my life for Your glory, use me to bless those around me. Fill me completely with Your power and the fruit of the spirit. I desire to know You more and more and find my greatest joy in You. To live Eucharist. Jesus I trust and Adore You!  Use me to show Your love and power through me into my husband and children and everyone around me. Use me to be a light for you, God!
In Jesus name I pray, Amen!

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