Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Check out these cute little one's!!

My mother in law took some great pictures while they were here visiting!!

Grandpa Dick and Aidan, enjoying some time together before bedtime.

Fun at the park!

Spiderman, climbing!!

Aidan practicing his golf swing with Daddy!!

Fun times in the wagon, Abigail pulling Aidan around the driveway!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fall & Halloween Activities

What are your favorite activities to do during the beautiful fall season? We have many, here are just a few:


We love fall weather, perfect for campfires in the backyard! Who can have a campfire and no smores? Yummy!!!


 Cooler days means we love to bake to warm up the house and our tummy's!!
Today's treat~cookie pops made by Abigail

Trick or Treat:

Of course the favorite thing to do for Halloween time, is trick or treat!! We went to the Halloween Haunted House of Hoops which is put on by the high school basketball and cheerleaders! They put on a great event for the kiddos, game, candy, and face painting!! So the kiddos put on there costumes and off we went for fun! This year they will get multiple use wearing there costumes, since we have a couple other events to attend, plus Abigail's preschool Halloween party!! Little man didn't want to wear his mask, but he enjoyed showing off his muscles!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Ryan's Newest Project

My husband received a few different birdhouses from my parents recently and a sign from his dad that has had a few years now. He decided to put this all together on a pole in our backyard. I really like where he put it. We can see it from our windows in our kitchen and have already noticed some birds hanging. So now we are waiting to see if any take up residence or if they will become Tigger snacks. Yes we have a hunting cat, who is very good!

I just really love it and so blessed to have a handy-man hubby!!!

Can't wait to see his next project, oh and I do have a wish list of projects for him to make!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wurth Farm Pumpkin Patch Family Fun

Before I start telling about our fun trip to the pumpkin patch, I want to thank my inlaws Joanne & Dick for driving down and staying with us a few days this week. Abigail and Aidan had lots of fun with grandpa and grandma, as did I enjoy having family with us! We did some antiquing, playtime outside, coloring, read lots of books, played with puzzles. As always we were sad when they had to leave to return to their home.

Ryan has been working nonstop the last six days, so he got 48 hours off from work and it just so happen to fall on a weekend, which is very rare for him to be off work on a weekend!! We have been enjoying the beautiful fall weather and taking in the beauty of the changing color of leaves on the 1000s of trees in our area. So blessed to be living in this area and enjoying fall weather!! Looking out my window now and seeing the blue skies, white clouds, and golden leaves, just absolutely beautiful!

Saturday we took a trip to Wurth Farm's Pumpkin Patch. We were a little unsure how Aidan would do on the hay ride but the boy loved it! He was fascinated by the tractor and the cows in the field! Abigail had just as much fun riding and running through the pumpkin patch with her brother.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Harvest Moon Festival & Cupcake

It is a beautiful fall day in Kentucky!! I love fall and all the changing colors on the trees! While I was driving to Grand Rivers today I just couldn't get over how beautiful it was, thank you God for all the trees. If you live in Kentucky I sure hope you realize how blessed you are to have all these trees, sure was something I missed while living in Texas. Anyhow, the kiddos and I headed out this morning to Harvest Moon Festival in Grand Rivers. We looked at crafts and Abigail was asked to be a model and decorate a cupcake for one of the vendors booth, and you know she loved it, cause this girl loves cupcakes!! We saw some puppy's dressed up and watched the Halloween pageant, there were so many little cuties dressed up! Then Abigail enjoyed some jumping on one of the inflatables. Little man and I watched her jump up and down, while enjoying the beautiful sunny morning! We had a great time, only thing I wish, is hubby could have been there with us, but he had to work.
Here are a few snapshots of our little outing this morning:

Family Project

I was helping Abigail clean her room one day and was getting a little frustrated with the top of her dresser looking like a mountain of hair accessories, I thought we need to do something about this.
So I came up with an idea and off to Hobby Lobby we went for some supplies. Abigail picked out the material and ribbon. Ryan helped staple the material and ribbon on the corkboard and I added the large thumb tacks and organized all the hair accessories on the board. Abigail thinks it is cool and I like that her hair accessories are organized and easy to find, not in a pile on her dresser and you can see the top of the dresser!

Also, while I was at Hobby Lobby, I also picked up some more crafts and tools fom some gifts I will be making for friends and family. I can't wait to get started on them!! You will just have to wait and see what they will be, but here are some clues: washers, beads, trinkets, rings, scrap paper, lots of different glues, stamps, hammer, metal, chains, magnets...

Catching a couple zzzz's....

Aidan has become attached to one of Abigail's stuffed animals this last week, I call him puppy love.
We were out and about running errands and little man got in a little nap with his puppy love.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fun day at home...

We rarely spend the entire day at home, but those are some of the most fun and productive days! Yesterday was one of those, I got caught up on laundry and going through kids closets. We also got a box ready for a friend and put our Operation Christmas Shoebox together, Abigail even included a picture she colored in the box for the girl that will be receiving it. We also included our address in hopes the little girl will write Abigail back. We pray this little box will bless the girl receiving it. I encourage all my friends and family to do an Operation Christmas Shoebox  It is really a blessing to be able to help others.

Abigail and I also did some baking! While we were baking, Aidan practiced his golf swing.

Taught Abigail how to take photos with my phone, she thought that was the coolest thing! Aidan and I got to be models.

Here is the photographer. Looking at this picture she is looking so grown up, brings me tears to my eyes, though there happy tears, just not ready for her to grow up.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Little man is 18 months old...

Little man turned a year and half old today, so hard to believe! Time goes by so fast! He got to celebrate by a little visit to the doctor's office for a check up! Plus the kiddos and I went to MOPS this morning, so he got to play with other little one's his age and had fun! Then daddy meet up with us for some lunch!

Aidan is a happy little boy who loves adventure and enjoys running, climbing, and exploring. Giving his mama moments of excitement!! Daddy, mama, and sister love you so very much!!

Happy 1 1/2 years old!!! 

In the news...

Abigail made the newspaper this week, all because of right timing. I took her in for a trim last Friday and the newspaper was there taking a photo for breast cancer awareness and Abigail was lucky to be there for the photo op and they wanted to include her. She was so excited talked about it all day afterwards!