Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Adventures in shopping & cooking!!

A few days ago I managed to get my meal plan shopping list done. I do mine for 2-3 week period. In addition to crock put meals, this time I included some freezer meal items, french toast sticks, egg sandwiches, fruit smoothies, chicken (cook prepare large amount ahead time, shred, chop it up for individual meals), and am making my own iced chai tea and coffee creamer. Last year a wonderful gal presented on meal planning at MOPS and  I have this friend from church with 6 children, who also home-schools, who inspired me along with the help of pinterest to start meal planning and then I have been reading her blog and she does freezer meals too, so I thought if a mama of 6 can do it, surely a mother of two can, right?!! Well I tackled grocery shopping with both kiddos by myself yesterday, and let's just say it is the last time little man will be going grocery shopping with me. The trip turned into a taking  twice as long, cleaning up messes, constantly trying to contain him, and then last straw was when he starting throwing items out of the cart, one which was a container of cherry tomatoes that went every where. He really is a sweet boy, just a little adventurous, he was having a great time, laughing all the way. This mama, not so much! People were blessing my heart and you know that that means! Anyhow it was an adventure I rather not do again. So after all that and putting the groceries away, this mama was tired. But today I got up, thought I am going to tackle this, so after lunch I started and let's just say it is going pretty smoothly, might be taking a little longer then planned, but I have two little one's and a puppy to interact with too. I know this is going to be a blessing for our family, with having all these items prepared, so for days/weeks to come I can just open up freezer and heat up with little work. Right now the kitchen looks like a mess, but I will have it looking shining in know time, that is just how I work! Anyhow after doing this, I will definitely do it again! Just glad that this is something that only will probably need to be done once or twice a month. Oh and another plus, when your making things homemade, you know your family is getting that added benefit of healthier yummy food, saving money, and none of that prepackaged chemical stuff. :)
Here's a few pics of our freezer cooking adventure:
 Abigail helping! (she is scooping yogurt to freeze for individual portions for smoothies)

 French Toast sticks ready to freeze, yum!

Egg, ham & cheese biscuits!

 Must have cookies!! 

 Meanwhile, Aidan is trying to climb cabinets :) 

 Abigail took a photo of her mama cooking!

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