Sunday, January 13, 2013

LuLu the Bear!

LuLu is spending the weekend with us. Who is LuLu you ask? Some of you have already had the pleasure of meeting her. I guess, I am assuming she is a female bear? Anyhow, she is the class bear is Abigail's preschool, when the children are the star of the week, which every child gets to be once during the school year, they get to bring LuLu home for a weekend and then share what they do together. First of all, LuLu got some pampering in the washing machine and dryer (You know germs and flu season, I am a bit OCD, but was glad to read I wasn't the only mama who did that, there is a book to report about your adventures in.). Abigail has been sleeping with LuLu all weekend, yesterday LuLu went to Sweet CeCe's with us to enjoy some frozen yogurt and play time with some friends, oh and we got to experience tornado warnings and drenching rain too. Today, LuLu attended church with us and learned about Jesus, worshiping to music and attending class with Abigail. It has been a fun weekend, but this mama is glad LuLu is going back to school tomorrow, it's almost like having another kid, because I need to remember we don't forget her someplace or the dog turns her into one of his stuffed toys.Though we still have the rest of the day to get through and it could still happen.

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