Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Review of "No More Perfect Moms "

I finished reading No More Perfect Moms. I enjoyed reading the book and could relate to her in many ways. This book would also be great as a group study. I recommend to all mom's, especially those of little one's. 

I blogged previously here if you missed those posts:

Jill Savage is very down to earth, she shares her parenting, relationships and marriage issues.These are some of the quotes I love from the book: "If we'll allow it, God will use our children to smooth our rough edges and strengthen our character." "There are no perfect kids...just unique ones, who make mistakes along the way." "Motherhood is the ministry of availability." 

In the book she talks about motherhood as a ministry of availability or interruptions! We all know life with kids is unpredictable, right? Well before I had kids I didn't think that, I was going to parent them a certain way, they were going to do this, act this way, or eat this, wear that, etc...Wow did I have it all wrong! But I am happy to say, praise the Lord for helping me see it differently and for His help in raising my children, or should I say His children, He did bless them to me and ultimately they are His children, we all are His! Those were my expectations and I am learning how to not have them! We need to expect the unexpected. "We need to embrace "what is" instead of "what could have been"."So let's change our perspective! I also like what she says here "I've come to see many of these not-planned for moments not as interruptions but rather as God's appointments." Now think of some of those moments, maybe what frustrated you, now look at it through God's eyes. 

There is a part in the book she talks about when she moved to a new town and knew nobody and was a mom of a 2 & 4 year old, oh how her story resonated with me. She talks about being an introvert and how scary it can feel initiating friendships, yes that be me too! I was feeling a bit fearful and insecure and sometimes still am, but I love the truths she applied to her situation.
"My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness" 2 Cor 12:9
"I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength" Phil 4:13
These are two verses I love and have mediated on, which have helped me be more courageous and trusting! Praise the Lord I don't have to do this all on my own I have His help, all I need to do is trust and ask! 

For further details on the book No More Perfect Moms, go to Jill Savage's web-site: http://www.hearts-at-home.org/index.php/nmpm-about/nmpm-about-2

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