Friday, January 18, 2013

Who would have thought!

My hubby has been teaching me how to use and shoot a gun. Actually for our wedding anniversay we went out for sushi and to the gun range. The reason it has taken me so long to learn to shoot a gun was because I was a bit fearful and unsure how I felt about guns. Well I can now say I am no longer fearful and a lot more knowledgeable! With the way the world is changing, I rather be prepared and know what I am doing. Plus it is fun going out to the gun range! Now don't go all thinking what? I still could not go out hunting, those deers are just too cute for me.

Recently we took a conceal and carry class. I impressed myself, it takes a lot to impress myself, because I am not one to brag. I do have to say thanks to my hubby for teaching and giving me encouragement and for our great instructor too. I shot 20 out of 20 on the target and was consist in shooting what I was aiming for. Also I got a 100% on the written test, probably one of the few tests that I have received a 100% on. Yes it was open book test, but I only looked up two questions and that was only because I was just a bit hesitant in my answer but when I checked I was correct with what I was going to choose for the answer. Hubby did just as well as me, might be a little better shot, but not by much :) I think I have a new hobby!

We had a fun class, actually one of my close friends from here attended with us! So you know how us girls can be, haha!! 

Our whole class passed and we have some great shooters!

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