Saturday, February 16, 2013

Weekly update of fun happenings and blessings!

It has been a great week of celebrating Valentine's!! Abigail had fun at her preschool Valentine tea party! 

Aidan had some fun playing on daddy's lawnmower. Not sure what it is with this boy, he loves tractors and construction equipment. Probably good it is not trains ;)

We ended up our week having breakfast with my dad, also known as grandpa, who was passing through on his way to Florida with a load, we always treasure these little visits when they happen! Thanks for stopping by dad!!

Yesterday I took Abigail to pick out some movies at the library for movie night, thinking this will be a weekly date. Abigail and I watched Princess and the Pony and this morning daddy and kiddos watched Cowgirls 'N Angels, both good family movies.

We have a busy week coming up, but full of blessings! Bible study, MOPS, sharing yoga with Abigail's preschool class, preschool trip to fire-station!

Passing along a few article links that blessed/inspired/touched my heart:  “What do I want my children to remember me for when they’re grown?”

 “How do I prepare my children to face pain?” Answer: teach my children to run to God’s truth 

God has a way of perfect timing. There is a group of us ladies studying Beth Moore's Living Beyond Yourself, in the book is section about Love (one of the fruits of the spirit). We recently discussed, how perfect with Valentine's and now this posting: I find it so true, since I think of my husband as my best friend!

My heart breaks for this family and those families who else I know have recently lots loved one's. This is worth the read, powerful testimony "Beautiful hope- the very Glory of God Himself in our midst."

This is for all my mama friends.  "Motherhood IS my job. Caring for my home IS my privilege. Preparing a place of rest and renewal for my husband IS the important work to be done. There is a deep selfishness in my own heart that idolizes comfort and pride. It is the sin of desiring what I think will make my life grand more than treasuring whatever it is that the Lord has given to me…to do, to care for, to endure, to carry, to count as joy."

Proverbs 31 devotions always speak to me, and this one I know will speak to many mama's. "There is always an opportunity in the midst of our busy lives to be aware of God. As we find Him, experience Him, and listen for Him, our intentional steps will always lead us closer to His presence."

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