Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!!

Today is one of the most amazing days, HE HAS RISEN!! YES HE HAS!!! I hope you are all celebrating the wonderful gift God has given us!!
Unfortunately we are not able to celebrate it with our church family due to me being sick, I would so love to be there today worshiping with them all!! We are also not able to celebrate with our family because they live 100s of miles away and hubby is working, but this is just part of working on the railroad life that we live. Miss those big family get togethers with all the yummy food! We are celebrating today at home. We finished our resurrection eggs and shared the story of Jesus rising. Both the kiddos received gifts from family and us to celebrate Easter! I am so thankful for our Lord and the greatest gift ever given from Him! I love what Sherri writes in her blog here So true, Your belief or unbelief doesn’t make it any less EPIC or TRUE or SIGNIFICANT, your UNBELIEF only keeps you from being part of the greatest story ever written. 

So this morning we watched church on TV. Abigail really gets into the singing. Here are some pictures of our morning celebration at home.

 Yes our son has a big like for Spiderman! Along with tractors and John Deere, oh my!!

Wish my hubby could be here today with us, he was home for a short time last night to help feed us supper and give the kiddos baths, so this mama could rest. He worked all night and day and then came home to take care of us, he is an awesome hubby and daddy, so blessed!! 

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