Saturday, March 9, 2013

Little Obie CN Train

Today was the hubby's birthday and much to our surprise he was actually home, had to sleep some of it due to running a train all night. But we were blessed with a nice family outing this afternoon in the beautiful weather. First stop was to take the kids to see Little Obie!!

I was so impressed by this little train and what a great treat for the kids to experience, since their daddy works for the CN Railroad.

 Old steam engine and the Little Obie 

 Riding the train, the kids loved it!

After our Little Obie adventure we did a little shopping and tried out Tokoya Hibachi (a recommendation from friends). It was very yummy and entertaining. Aidan especially enjoyed watching the chef grill our food! The restaurant even sang Happy Birthday to Ryan and he got a free dessert, though he had to share it! :) It was a perfect family day and birthday celebration!! 
Thank you Lord for all the wonderful blessings today!! 

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