Saturday, March 16, 2013

Our family week!

The hubby and I went out for lunch date and some fun on the range! It was nice enough out, yes spring is here, and he got out on the golf course! Tonight I am excited to get together with a few gals for movie night, been a long time since I have gone to a girls night out! We gals are a group that love the Lord and encourage one another, which is one of my favorite things about these ladies! It has been a fun week for Abigail at preschool this week with them talking about Dr. Seuss, and he is one of my fav children's authors! I have also been busy reading a couple different books, which I will share more later and did a little crafting! Also preparing to teach a little yoga to one of our Sunday church classes. The book they are reading and studying is Body By God. Even though I am not in the class, I had to get the book after hearing some of things in this book, so far this book is by far one of the best written books I have read on food and exercise.

Abigail had crazy sock day and crazy hair day! There will be some more crazy days coming up in the following week, that will share here. The funny thing is she loves wearing her hair all funky, to her the more hair accessories more beautiful, I tried to talk to her about it, but she is so determined to wear her hair her way. So she really enjoyed crazy hair day! I don't mind, she is an individual and I will let her express her fashion sense, Lord knows I don't have much, really never been my thing.

What does Aidan do while Abigail is in school? Well he takes a short nap, snack, and on this particular day chose to read a book. He won't let me read them to him, he has to do it himself. He is in that stage already and hasn't even turned two yet, but will in a couple weeks, growing up way too fast!

While he napped, I put together a blanket for his toddler bed this week, which he is still not ready for yet. He helped pick out the material, he has an obsession with tractors and John Deere. We are not sure where he gets that from, as we have no farmers in the family, but maybe he will be our first. His room is already green, and I have some leftover material to put up a curtain for him and make some pillows too.

March is one of my favorite months, lots of birthday celebrations, St. Patty's day, spring time, and Easter!! Here are to many sunny days, flowers and leaves on the trees!!

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