Friday, March 1, 2013


Abigail had an exciting week at school. She really loves preschool and her teachers!

Monday she received a ticket at school for knowing all her letters and sounds. It is a movie ticket to watch a movie and eat some special treats! She came running out the doors with it when I picked her up from school, she was so excited!! We are so proud of her! She is such a smarty, really she has to get that from her dad! Because the stuff he knows amazes me and she catches on quickly and loves to learn!!  I love to read, which I know she gets from me!

Wednesday was dress up what you want to be when you grow up. This year she chose teacher, we think she makes a cute little teacher! Last year was doctor, and I know whatever she does when she grows up we will be proud. I pray that she follows her heart and uses the gifts God has given her.

Next year Aidan will be joining her at school and will get to do some of these fun things. He is all signed up to attend the two-year old program and Abigail will be in PreK. Next year we will be going in the morning, which will be a change for us, as we attend afternoons right now, which works great because we don't have to rush in the morning and Aidan takes a nap while Abigail is in school, so I can then get some things done. With Aidan still taking naps and I hope he still is next year, he can still get one when gets home from school. Plus gives us good practice at getting ready a few mornings a week for when Abigail will be in school 5 days a week, so not looking forward to that and that is another writing topic about where she will be going, because there are many choices where we live. A friend from church of ours recently went and to visit several of the schools and I am thinking that is a great idea, so we may do that too. We are talking elementary here, not college. Have any of you been faced with that decision? If yes, what made you choose and why? We were recently faced with when is the right time for Abigail go to kindergarten since she is a September baby? I know there is no right or wrong decision, and it will be different for each family. I had been praying about it most the year, also researching, and as family we were able to make that decision together and know that we made the right decision for us and her. We are blessed to have another year of preschool and Abigail is excited about who she will be going to school with next year!

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