Monday, April 1, 2013

About to go stir crazy or so they say...but finding the thanks!

It has been a long weekend of being sick for me, was so looking forward to Monday when the clinic opened so I could get in to see my doc. Really was just hoping I be better by then. Thinking what I had was worse sinus infection ever, since I am prone to those on what seems like a quarterly basis. So first thing I call my docs office, closed because of Tater Day! Ok so what most of you don't know is that Tater Day is a big celebration here every year first week of April during spring break. It is an interesting festival that draws lots of unique people and has nothing to do with taters. But it sure does bring in some good food vendors, fun rides for the kids and they have a big parade, which I am very impressed with for the size of this town, after living in several places. So I have been looking forward to taking the kids for sometime, but got sick. So anyhow, yes lots of places close here on that first Monday due to the parade and start of the festival. Luckily I was able to get into the clinic where I take my kiddos in town next to us. So going in thinking I have bad sinus infection, turns out I have the flu. Oh yes on spring break, but good news I should be feeling better soon. Praying the rest of my family doesn't get it so we can enjoy some of spring break together, since the hubby has planned to take a little time off for it. But yes I am going stir crazy, I am not the best patient. I do not like to sit around, which can be a downfall of mine, but I have been forced to because I really just feel yuck! So this has been a lesson for me. I have learned there are some cute family movies on during the day and it's not so bad taking a little time to sit down and relax. Well it worked out the kids got to go the parade, hubby got in from work and they haven't called him back in yet, so he was able to take them. I was sad to miss out, kind had a pity party while they were gone, because I was thinking about what I was missing out on instead of looking at the blessings and being thankful, which is now what I am looking at. So thankful it worked out that the hubby was home and he got to enjoy that special time with them, because he often misses out on a lot because of his job. Thankful he ran some errands for me. Thankful he is an awesome dad and big help with the kids. Thankful for him making meals and taking care of baths by himself. Thankful for my daughter for being a great little helper and Aidan has been handling it well too. Thankful for the meds that should help me feel better soon. Thankful my sickness isn't anything worse. Thankful for neighbors and friends. Thankful for God for blessing me with all these blessings! There is always something to be thankful for, something God spoke to me when I was reading 1000s Gifts, yes there is that book again that I so recommend for everyone to read!

Here is the best news of the day, super excited and thankful my daughter rode her first pony, so watching all those Flicka movies has paid off. Here's to my little cowgirl!! Might have to look into some horse riding lessons??? :)

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